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All softwares are developed by me
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Various Uses v1.0 It is all in one EXE Editor, Desktop aligner, CTRL+ALT+DEL toggler , File finder, unnessary files finder, Rebooter, Shutdowner, Windows serial number displayer, Free & Total memory displayer, etc.
Size : 108 KB
Lisence : Freeware
Calculator v1.0 It calculates Compound Interest, Simple Interest, Discount & Profit.
Size : 8 KB
Lisence : Freeware
Math Game v1.0 It gives you a random calculation to calculate. It can be played to any difficulty level. You can take addition, subtraction or division calculations. It increases your calculating ability & efficency.
Size : 5 KB
Lisence : Freeware
Homepage maker v1.0 It creates your homepage within 5 seconds. Programming knowledge is not nesseccary. Only, you have to fill your details.
Size : 2 KB
Lisence : Freeware
Paras Player v1.0 It plays *.mp3, *.mid, *.ram, *.wav, *.mod, etc. or in simple words it plays music.
Size : 116 KB
Lisence : Freeware
Web Browser v1.0 A small web browser that fits into a floppy with many advanced features.
Size : 509 KB
Lisence : Freeware
Reverse It Editor v1.0 It is a simple text editor with many advanced features. It's unique feature is that it reverses any file or string.
Size : 63 KB
Lisence : Freeware
Number Game v1.0 It gives you random number to guess between 1 to 10, if you win your name will be on the software.
Size : 6 KB
Lisence : Freeware
EasyWin98Navigator v1.0 It is must have for all Windows 98 users. You can categorise your software into different sections + you will find many hidden utilities.
Size : 266 KB
Lisence : Freeware

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Delhi-110085, India.